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Effusion Oils

Use these effusion lamp oils in your effusion lamp to disperse wonderful aromas and extinguish any unwanted odours in your home! Using a funnel, provided with your effusion lamp, fill your effusion lamp ½ to ¾ full with your favourite fragrance in the effusion lamp oil range. After doing this, replace the wick and wait 20-30 minutes so that the wick is saturated with the fragrance oil and light the burner stone. It is normal for the flame to grow tall to about 5-6”, it will settle to around 1-2”. When the flame settles to a smaller height, carefully blow it out. Replace the vented cap over the lamp – your effusion lamp is now in use! Leave the effusion lamp open or on for as long as you feel you want the fragrance to be released. When you are finished with your effusion lamp, place the solid metal cap back on to the lamp to extinguish the burner by starving it of oxygen, then place the vented crown back on top of the solid cap on the lamp until your next use.