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Legal Ownership and Copyright Statement

Legal Ownership and Copyright statement

This site is owned operated and maintained by Fragrant Flame Ltd. Unless otherwise stated, all of the content displayed within the Site, including, but not limited to, all text, all graphics including animated, website coding or data, photographic images including pack shots, sound files, illustrations including packaging, is owned by Fragrant Flame Ltd. All elements of the Site, are protected by copyright, and classed as intellectual property that shall come under UK trademark laws relating to the protection of intellectual property.


Unlawful Use of Site Content

If we discover any of our site contents has been copied or used without prior written consent of the site owner Fragrant Flame Ltd we will immediately raise an invoice to the offending company or person that shall be payable on demand. We will then issue a takedown notice In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") and other applicable laws for the content to be removed.


What will happen if I remove the copied content after receiving an invoice and takedown notice?
As the offence has already been committed the invoice will still stand but we would halt any further legal proceedings.


What will happen if I refuse to pay the demand and remove the content?
It would be deemed as rather silly to ignore our demand and take down notice as electronic theft of intellectual property is very easy to prove and very hard to defend. We would issue proceedings in all cases as we spend lots of time and money refining our sites and their contents.


I/We did not copy the content our Web Design Studio or a 3rd party placed this content on our site
It is the site owners responsibility to ensure that all content being placed on their site is not subject to intellectual property restrictions.


Copyright Infringement Policy

Fragrant Flame Ltd will actively pursue any individual or company that chooses to steal content from our sites.

Our Charges are set to discourage the unlawful content removal from our sites as below:

All graphics including animated, photographic images including pack shots, sound files, illustrations including packaging: Minimum £1000 per item.

All text, website coding or data: £2000 per instance.