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Latest Reviews

  • Replacement Electric Burner Bulb

    Replacement Electric Burner Bulb

    By: Jane on 25/02/2018

    • Perfect replacement

    My replacement bulbs arrived quickly and very well packaged. They fitted my electric melt burner perfectly. I will definitely be being from here in the future.

  • Minted Eucalyptus Goose Creek Candle

    Minted Eucalyptus Goose Creek Candle

    By: Maggie Rosengarten on 12/01/2018

    • Excellent company

    Excellent delivery time and candle amazingly well packed. Smells wonderful too.

  • Santa Candle Jar Holder

    Santa Candle Jar Holder

    By: Louise Hutton on 11/12/2017

    • Very Pleased

    Very pleased exactly what I was lookIng for 😁😁

  • Warm Buttered Bread Glass Candle Jar

    Warm Buttered Bread Glass Candle Jar

    By: Sarah on 25/11/2017

    • Village candle "warm buttered bread"

    My second order from next day candles, thought it was too good to be true at first but it really isnt! I ordered my candles on an evening and they were hand delivered for free the next day :) I happened to be out on both occasions but they were left safely with my neighbour and packaged so well - Very impressed! This saved me the hassle of going into town searching around different stores to find the specific candles i wanted. I have already recommended you to family and friends. Thankyou one again x

  • White Tea Bergamot Goose Creek Candle

    White Tea Bergamot Goose Creek Candle

    By: Val on 29/10/2017

    • Floral but with a hint of tea

    I bought this candle as a birthday gift for my friend as she loves tea scents. Although i do like tea i have not yet found a candle with a tea scent that i like. On receipt of this candle i was about to gift wrap it when i decided to smell it first. Floral but with a hint of tea, it smelt beautiful, so much so i decided to keep it and burn it in my large hall and buy her another. I was so glad i kept it. The scent is amazing. The throw very good, it burnt evenly and cleanly with no tunnelling or sooting. This is now another of my regular goose creek candles that are on my favourites list for any of the family to see if they would like to gift me one. Oh yes and i did get my friend one. She has now ditched buying yankees and has become a goose creek regular!

  • Bath Time Goose Creek Candle

    Bath Time Goose Creek Candle

    By: Val on 29/10/2017

    • Fresh, Relaxing and Clean

    When i first buught this candle i thought it was going to smell like Radox, so i took a chance. When it arrived i was slightly disappointed as it had no herbal notes at all and was nothing like radox. I lit it anyway and left it in my large bathroom, on the second floor of my house. With it being two wicked it wasn't long before it pooled and the scent started to travel all over the house. However my earlier disappointment was replaced by delight. It has a hint of mint in the scent, not a toothpaste mint but perhaps a eucalyptus mint, but thankfully does not smell like vicks vaporub!. The scent is hard to describe except to say it is a frezh scent that is strong but not overpowering. I would recommend this candle for a bathroom, spa or utility room. It is now my regular bathroom candle and i love it. Even the wax is a beautiful colour. If you like fresh scents give this a go.You won't be disappointed

  • Homemade Brownies Goose Creek Candle

    Homemade Brownies Goose Creek Candle

    By: Val on 29/10/2017

    • Fantastic Powerhouse

    I bought this along with the Goose Creek butter cookie candle from Next Day Candles. The price was very competitive and Next Day candle delivered it speedily and safely to my door with excellent customer service.Thank you next day candles!. Now for the candle review, it is a couple of ounzes bigger than Yankees and is also cheaper. It has two wicks so it burns cleanly and you do not need an illumalid to stop it tunnelling. The scent throw on this one is a monster! It is absolutely fabulous. I'm not a lover of chocolate nor brownies but I loved it. My daughters who have both left home popped in that night and declared that they wanted one as stocking fillers for Christmas!! I have a large victorian house with high ceilings and my decorator was painting the bathroom, even with the smell of paint he remarked that it was delicious and he had at one point thought that I was baking and was looking forward to having a cuppa with a brownie, he was quite disappointed when I explained it was my new candle. If you're deliberating about whether to buy a goose creek candle then go ahead I've had most of the scents now and have never had a dud, if you're a foodie scent lover then I can really recommend both this and the other goose creek butter cookie. Very realistic scents and love them both. Thank you Next day candles and goose Creek I will be back for more.

  • Butter Cookie Goose Creek Candle

    Butter Cookie Goose Creek Candle

    By: Val on 29/10/2017

    • Delicious! 5*

    Although I'm a scented candle fanatic I normally stick to Fruity or Pine/ Fresh scents and am not a fan of foodie scents. I fancied something different for my kitchen and have been disappointed with both Yankee and Village candle foodie offerings of late so thought I would give goose creek a try. I saw this one and a couple of others so thought that I would give them a go. Firstly I must thank next day candles for the good price and speedy delivery. Their customer service is fantastic they even changed my order for me when I changed my mind about a scent!! This candle has two wicks so burns evenly and also has a very good throw. The scent is absolutely delicious, it really does smell like butter cookies. It is not a fake smell but very realistic. The candle has not sooted and i'm so pleased with it I will be purchasing more !! Thank you next day candles and goose creek, cheaper than yankees, bigger than yankees and with two wicks better performers than yankees, whats not to like

  • Warm Buttered Bread Glass Candle Jar

    Warm Buttered Bread Glass Candle Jar

    By: Michelle on 27/10/2017

    • Village candle "warm buttered bread"

    I ordered Village Candles, Warm Toasted Bread and they smell amazing. The delivery was very fast and I will definitely use again and again

  • Pure Linen Village Candle Glass Jar

    Pure Linen Village Candle Glass Jar

    By: Christine Key on 23/10/2017


    This is the 3rd time we have purchased this fragrance. Very strong and clean smelling. One of my faves by far.