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Blue Door Scented Sachet

This Blue Door scentted sachet involves blended oils that are trapped for maximum strength and product life. These sachets are specially blended for your use and can be used almost anywhere.

There are over 101 different applications that would suit this item, some examples for the use of this product would be: putting the sachets in lavatory, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, vehicle, pet area and more.

Directions for Use:
Remove outer wrapper and stand the sachet up so that the air can circulate around the envelope, this will gently disperse the beautiful scent. Place inside a silk floral arrangement to add that missing dimension. Place inside a draw or in a linen cupboard to scent the contents.
When the sachet starts to lose its scent use the magnetic hanger clip (sold separately) to attach to the front of your radiator, the heat from the radiator will intensify the scent throw but equally reduce product life. This method can also be done from initial removal of packaging for a stronger more intense scent throw in the home.
Then finally just when you think the product has finished, carefully empty the contents of the sachet into a clean vacuum cleaner dust collector/bag and the fragrance will then perfume the house again while you vacuum.

Sachet dimensions:
11cm x 17cm approx

Keep out of reach of little ones and pets, inside the sachets are small particles that are not for consumption. Avoid direct contact of package and contents with furniture, fabrics, carpets, finished surfaces, plastics, acrylics and painted items as may cause damage and/or discolouration.

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