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Glitz Pebble Electric Barrel Melt Burner

This elegant electric burner allows you to replace the traditional tealight with a bulb, making it safer to use a wax melt burner around children or pets! Simply place your favourite wax melt in the top of your electric burner, plug it in and turn it on, the scents will release and smell beautiful.

Directions for Use:

Place a quantity of your favourite wax melts into the glass dish and place on top of the burner. Plug in your electric burner and wait for the bulb to gently heat the glass dish so the wax becomes molten, be careful not to overfill the glass dish. As the wax softens and melts it will start to release beautiful aroma of your choice.


We recommend that you break up the wax melt before placing it in the top of the burner and be aware that if there is too much wax it may over flow and damage your burner when melted.

Bulb Replacement:

Halogen G9 25w

Replacement Glass dishes are available for this item by special request.

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