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Lily Flame Christmas 1 Trio Tin Candles

The 1st of 2 Christmassy tinned candle collections. Snowfall: Drifting down without a sound. This scent is super soft and rounded, capturing the special quitness that comes with the first snow of the year. Christmas Spice: A warm blend of Cinnamon and Cloves. A perfect fragrance for an evening curled up in the cosy warmth of home. Winter Wood: The original wintertime candle. A woody walk through Ferns, Pine and Snow.

Approx burning time: 20 hours (per candle).

Directions for use:
Place on a heat resistant surface. To avoid an enlarged or smoking flame, keep the wick trimmed to 5mm. Extinguish the candle when 5mm (1/4") of the wax remains. Ensure the candle is kept away from any flammable materials, draughts or any source of heat (e.g. fires, TV's, radiators). Keep the wax free from debris e.g. used matches/wick trimmings. Do not move the candle while alight of while the wax is molten. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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