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Village Dri-Tec Reeds Black Cherry

Village Candle New Black Cherry Ultra Intense Dri-Tec reeds have been created using tightly wrapped paper that is infused with your favourite Village Candle Black Cherry Scent. The result is pure fragrance infused into the reeds that will gently release into the air around your home, no other chemicals or heat is required to release the beautiful scent.

A great way to deliver a beautiful fragrance to your room without the use of flames, sprays or liquids.
You can control the amount of fragrance with the number of reeds, for a light fragrance try one or two, or put out all five for a bright and robust fragrance release.
These reeds can be used with optional containers or place in a vase you are already using to display fresh, dried or artificial flowers in to give a boost of fragrance to liven and enhance your decor.
Each reed will fill your home with fragrance for 30 day.

PLEASE NOTE: Vase on picture is not included.

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